Experience the beauty and soul of Japan through watches made using such materials as rich mineral pigments ground from crystal and other minerals used in traditional Nihonga painting, or the deep luster and beauty of natural lacquer that has been appreciated and valued in Japan since the Jomon period (c.8000 to c.300 BC).

Respecting the integrity of traditional techniques, we use cow skin glue as an adhesive and apply several layers of washi handmade Japanese paper to the watch faces and then apply several coats of natural lacquer. After this the lacquered surface is highly polished and finished using decorative maki-e techniques.

The effect is completed with straps that elegantly combine natural plant dyes and braiding in the highest quality silk. The straps can easily be replaced so you can enjoy a variation in styles according to the season or the circumstances

One-year guarantee
Japan-made quartz accurate to 20 seconds per month
Water-resistant for everyday usage (such as exposure to light rain)
Replaceable battery (available from any watch or clock supplier)
Our workshop provides a full after-sale service including repairs, battery replacement and supplementary strap purchases.

Watches that have a silver casing have a tendency over time to discolor to a blackish hue. In such an event please wipe the discolored area with a silver-polishing cloth or some other kind of soft cloth.
Please be aware that there is a possibility of fading if the braiding and leather strap are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and a risk of discoloration if they become wet.


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